The best way from A to B leads now via C.

Carrypicker. Transport made smart.



Transporting logistics into the future.


We asked ourselves why the transport industry cannot do what airlines, hotels or car rental companies have been able to do for a long time: Namely, ensuring maximum capacity utilization and the highest possible return with dynamic prices and autonomous capacity management.

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The answer was simple: Because until now it lacked exactly what Carrypicker now offers. An artificial intelligence developed on the basis of many years of experience and a unique database taking all factors into account in real time and offering maximum precision, flexibility and transparency. High-performance computers and intelligent algorithms bundle partial loads and calculate the best tour in fractions of a second.

A system that benefits the client, the carrier and the environment. Carrypicker makes one of the most important economic sectors in Germany fit for the future.


Advantages of Carrypicker?

Anything to be honest with you. Carrypicker makes transport easier and more economical, always finding the best carrier and the smartest way to your customers.



Upload your order, the system automatically recognizes all relevant shipment details and bundles your order automatically with others to optimal routes. So you always get the best price and don't have to worry about a thing - because Carrypicker takes care of everything else. It couldn't be simpler, more efficient and more convenient.



Our principle is simple: fairness for everyone. As a client, you can request individual price variants and receive market-oriented offers in real time - for the fastest delivery, the cheapest route or for a guaranteed delivery time. Carriers benefit from higher capacity utilization and fair payment and can operate profitably despite rising costs.



At Carrypicker there are no detours, only direct journeys. And that with selected partners. Through our App Colleta we have access to exclusive transport capacities that meet our quality standards. This gives us full control over every vehicle and allows us to modify routes and loads even on the road.



Carrypicker's system also relieves the burden on the environment: where trucks are better utilized and transport routes are more intelligently networked, fewer kilometres have to be driven. The volume of truck traffic decreases and CO2 emissions are significantly reduced. Carrypickers make an active contribution to protecting the environment.




We are enthusiasts who want to make a difference. Not only on the street, but also in the work processes of everyone involved.

We combine the best of both worlds: Many years of experience in the field of digital innovation and comprehensive know-how in the field of logistics. Our goal is to make the world of freight forwarding more efficient, economical and future-proof with new ideas, artificial intelligence and the digitalization of the transport process chain.




With Carrypicker’s idea, empty capacities in the logistics industry are a thing of the past.
— Andreas Scheuer
Federal Ministery of Transport and Digital Infrastructure